11th feb 14 – Meeting notes & Cycle course outline ideas

(temp location until I/we get a wiki/web page up and running…….)

Meeting on 11th Feb 2014

Actions – 

  1. Contact Hamilton City council Bikewise event organiser  – Claire 
  2. Contact NZTA  and forward to Claire to organise a regular meeting in the future – Peter
  3. Organise a share workspace for the road improvements list*( so we can present this to NZTA)  – Ash 
  4. Make date and an agenda for the this meeting – ??

*road improvements list  – 

The intention of the list – (Please make some suggestions on what to name this list)

1.    Identify location column – Street/Road Name & address – limit to between 3 to 10 words – anyone can add, only admin can remove.

2.    Description column – Limit to 20 words – We should look to see how Councils and NZTA word these, so we are talking same language – anyone can add, only admin can remove.

3.    Reason column – Limit to 20 words – We should look to see how Councils and NZTA word these, so we are talking same language – anybody can add/remove/change stuff from this column.

4.    Contact person Column – Person/Persons (max 3) who is/are championing this fix – anyone can add limited, only admin can remove.

5.    Image or Notes Column – This is a information dump site, anybody can add/remove/change stuff from this column it is up to the contact person to manage and keep back ups of information.

6.    Example Column – Internet links to example – Limit of 2 shown  – anyone can add extra 1 – admin to reduce back to limit of 2 – (Ashley this maybe place for Blog site)



TITLE  101 commuter cycle skill in the Tron!!


Part one

  1. Selecting a bike
  2. What to wear (helmets, bike clothes, being visible)
  3. Gear for carrying cargo, riding after dark, and bad weather
  4. Parking and locking your bike
  5. Taking care of your body during and after the bike commute
  6. Co-workers’ perceptions of cyclists and bike commuters

Part two

  1. Understanding bicyclists’ rights and responsibilities on the road e.g NZ road code for cyclist
  2. Choosing the best route
  3. Where to ride on the road, including lane and intersection positioning and changing lanes
  4. How to use Hamilton bike facilities including various types of bike lanes, bike boxes, cycle paths and more…….
  5. How to avoid basic road hazards
  6. Basic skills for avoiding basic road hazards


Class duration:??

Class location:          Indoor class space and outside?

Class size:  Unlimited, as location allows

Instructors: ????

Instructor to student ratio:     1 to many, depending on location

Equipment necessary:              part one none part two your bike!

Availability of loaner bikes:     Not necessary

Registration policy: No advance registration is required; walk-in students are welcome.

We could re-run it again? –  e.g. on the day All class dates and locations are subject to change.


Are you intrigued by the idea of riding your bike to work to run local errands? Not sure what to wear, how to plot a sensible route, or how to carry your stuff? Do you have a few concerns about riding in street traffic? If so, Bike Commuting 101 is the class for you.

Bike Commuting 101 is open to adults and mature teens. No advance registration is required

COURSE DELIVERY – how we could do this?

Inside teaching

1 – 3 (gear)  Matt K/bike shop dude? With samples of gear

4 – 6. (the practical side of thing) maybe another presenter who is a regular face for commuting.

7. (law) A friendly cop? With samples of the road code?

8 – 9 (law practically) A really local presenter could delivery this content. We could print maps, A3 with sample routes? Maybe Gopro recordings some of the rough bicycling route options?

Outside teaching with their own bike gear

10 -13 (practical bike session)

  • using cones to practical cornering
  • using cones to pick up a drink bottle/small object etc
  • emergency breaking practice
  • bike hand signals practice


  1. Is 9 and 10 to similar?
  2. Is this to BIG?
  3. Would there be interest?
  4. Could you run part one with one specific group while another specific group is doing section part two and then swap the two groups over??

http://www.bikenewyork.org/learn/adults/bike-commuting-101/#info=next_steps  ( this content is based on this site) 

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