Longest day planning 2013

Roll call

The mad buggers doing the ride

Whom Mount Journey
Andrew Cannondale Single Speed 170kms
Paul ? ?
Trent ? ?
Matt Cyclocross 82km – and one sore arse
Josh ? 200kms
Blair ? ?
Dave ? 170kms
Mike (older) ? ?
Grover Rocky Mountain  Thought I was only going to do 120 – but managed 164km!
Coxy   ?
Chris   ?
Carrie   ?
Claire not my old bike. sigh.  ?
Craig   ?
I think I’m missing a couple.   ?

I would like to cap it at 20 total and any more people than currently listed are going to need to do both ways or the 120.


Claire is travelling down on Friday day to sort the cabins, pick up keys.

Friday night

All defend for themselves food wise?

Saturday day

The aim …..to ride for 15hrs 09mins

21 Dec 2013 5:44 a.m. 8:54 p.m. 15h 09m 43s  

Up early to ride at 5:44am, all defend for themselves food wise. 


So far its only the 6 of us and Dave keen to do both directions. 

Claire is semi broken so she is seeing how far she will get, hopefully the there and at least back to the flats again.

Fuel stops

1. Piropiro Flats Campsite (with loo)  – Claire’s Mum will based there with water, loo roll and food

Shuttling options

Vehicle Driver Volume – people/bikes
Double cab Ute (Placemakers brand new UTE) Claire’s mum Claire snr Volume – 3/what ever bikes fit in the ute tray and there is 2 up bike rack
Van (Grover) Would need a driver? 3/7
Surf (Paul) Would need a driver?  4/4
7 Seater SUV with the potential of a trailer and cage (Chris) Would need a driver with a firearms license? 7/4

Saturday night

After match BBQ  – let the bull*hit flow… cough, and the beer too?

Those wanting to stay for BBQ dinner Saturday night let Claire and I know. I have steak to donate to the cause.  If you want to supply something comment on this page below,  thus avoiding double ups, no one wants all sausage at there BBQ.

Whom What food
Claire and Claire Snr Salad – greensWill try and get some  farm meat goodies donated
Paul TBC
Andrew  Steak


Travel to the event

HELP – Does anyone need transport down and back?

Carrie’s would like a lift back to Hamilton if she can get one. (Claire’s mum could get her to Otorohanga) 


the sleeping arrangements, wink, wink, nod, nod

Cabins – the luxury option

There are two cabins of 6 berths each. The cabins are situated on Village Road. This is approx 100 metres from the Pureora Field Base Office.

Cabins are $10 a night each. The monies to Claire (the red head)

What to bring?   Bedding, pillows, bath towels, tea towels. Please bring all your own food as there are no local shops. Don’t forget insect repellent!

Who? Friday night =

Cabin one  – Claire, Carrie, …

Cabin two – Velo boys

Who? Saturday night =

Cabin one – Claire, Carrie, …

Cabin two –

Camping – the poor buggers option

Who? Grover, Dave, Chris and Coxy. Brok’ back mountain?

There is a camp ground just down the road from the cabins called the Ngaherenga camp site, adults are $6.00 and youth is $3.00, there is s self registration stand there with envelopes provided, just tear off the tag and place on your tent or vehicle and deposit the appropriate money for your stay in the envelope and put in back in the slot of the stand.

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